What we do?

What is Paperlight ?

Paperlight uses a new technology what we like to call “printed light" to create a great new form of advertising medium. We grab customers' attention and allow your product to be seen during the day or night, all while saving money. Paperlight is a paper thin laminated panel that has a really nice smooth and consistent glow when an electrical current passes. Paperlight can be made to nearly any shape, color, or size also it can bend on any rounded off surface (as it is paper-light) and provide a nice ambient glow when used at night, a much smoother glow than LED globes.

A typical Paperlight have a light output of around 100-150cd/m2. When comparing to other LED mediums, like televisions or monitors, which typically range from 200-350cd/m2, they do not appear as bright, however they use far less power, are flexible, and can even be made into various shapes, or even logos. These features make Paperlight a perfect medium for advertising in low lit environments, like subways, nightclubs, restaurants, and perfect for wayfinding for events and festivals.

Custom Design

At Paperlight we can design whatever your business needs from just a small standup banner to large business signs. Our customer service will never be beaten because your satisfaction is our success.

Technical Specs

Electroluminescent Technical Specifications

BRIGHTNESS 400 ~ 26000 Lumens

LONGEVITY 85,000 Hours

VIEWING ANGLE >160 Degrees


OPERATING POWER Low power consumption

PANEL OPERATING TEMPERATURE - 20 degrees ~50 degrees

THICKNESS 0.119mm ~ 0.4mm

SIZES & SHAPES Custom shapes available